Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pyramid, Bronze link bracelet



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I love bronze. And I think that it doesn't get enough attention for being the beautiful metal it is. It holds some mystery,it feels ancient. \rI built a few pieces with the thought in mind of showcasing some bronze. I treated it like a precious stone, setting it in some items ,placing it like a gem or a gemstone bead. The sterling I used in contrast to it allows the wearer to watch the color tone of the bronze change with age. Sometimes that color darkens in the recesses and lightens in the high spots, but always bronze holds its warm depth & strength.\rThis bracelet is 7 1\\/2" long.\rThe polished sterling silver jump rings (9mm) and clasp connects 7 bronze "jewel" links. The bronze links are are lightly oxidized eack is 11mm long by 8mm wide., unisex

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