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Never Give Up Cher Ami Homing Pigeon Love Token Charm Necklace from Hoolala.\r\rThis little charm necklace is dedicated to the bravest of little souls - Cher Ami. \r\rCher Ami means dear friend in french and this name was given to a carrier pigeon who bravely carried messages from the front line back behind enemy lines. Cher Ami is credited with the incredible feat of saving the lives of over 200 American service men and he won himself a medal for bravery. The story goes that a small troop of American soldiers were trapped in a hollow being surrounded and shot at by the enemy. On the first day alone they lost over 50 lives and so the American air force started bombing but unfortunately the US soldiers were trapped and in danger of being killed. The commanding officer sent a message off with the brave little pigeon that said \r\r'We are along the road parallel to 276.4.\r"Our own artillery is dropping a barrage directly on us.\r"For heaven's sake, stop it.'\r\rCher Ami was thrown up in the air to fly back to base camp to deliver the message and he barely made it. The guns were going off and the enemy saw the bird flying up and over the hill and tried to shoot him knowing that he was probably carrying an important message. \r\rThe brave little bird managed to avoid most of the bullets apart but he was really badly hurt with a bullet hole through his breastbone and one of his legs that carried the silver canister with the message was barely hanging on by the skin. But he made it! The brave little bird never gave up and managed to get back to base where the message was communicated and the bombing stopped saving many US soldiers. Cher Ami was operated on and patched up although they could not save his leg. He went on to be awarded with the French Croix de Geurre.\r\rThe hand charm measures 65mm x 32mm in total and the vintage gold plated chain.\r\rI am a trusted seller who believes in honesty, integrity and old fashioned 5 star customer service.See what people are saying about Hoolala...\r\r************************************************************\r\r\u2018You're a star! I'm not surprised you're getting so many orders - your gimcrackery is legendary!'\r\r'OMG!!!! astonishing & beautiful necklace, so romantic, Love it!! I strongly recommend Hoolala, thank you so much!'\r\r'The ring is even better than I'd hoped, while the little extras and wrapping made me grin for a good half hour. I fully wish every seller was like yourself, so thank you! EVERYONE I know shall now be forced to experience your quirky-victorian-british-vintage!'\r\r***********************************************************\r\rPlease take a look inside my little shop for more delightful frippery where you will find all sorts of goodies from sterling silver necklaces, Hoolala Deluxe charm bracelets, cuff links, OOAK vintage pieces and of course my Alice in Wonderland range of charm necklaces, bracelets and brooches.\r\rAll designs are the property of Miss S Gannaway-Jones and Hoolala.\r\rHoolala \u00a9 2005 \u00a9 2020, hoolala

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