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pmc, Honey bee honey comb charm



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Bees are the diligent workers of the garden yet they have a magical quality to them as they sing to the flowers they pollinate.\r\rThe bee symbolizes diligence, immortality and often used as symbols of royalty. In Eastern Europe ,bees symbolize the Virgin Mary. In Hinduism they represent the god of love. Bees are powerfully ferocious creatures with and amazing sense of teamwork and connectivity, and the honey they make lasts seemingly infinitely....its been found in Egyptian tombs..still edible. \r\rThis PMC* pendant is pure silver and approximately the size of a US 10 cent coin dime. It comes on a 20" sterling silver chain. Necklace is shipped in a gift box.\r (other two pendants pictured can be found in my shop )\r*PMC is an interesting material to work with. It is pure metal , in this case pure silver, suspended in an organic binder that allows you to work metal like a clay. It is then kiln fired , the binder burns away leaving only the pure metal int the form you worked it into. It is then filed and polished and colored to a deep oxidized black patina., bee hive

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