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craft, Arien Peyote Bracelet Instructions



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Make an elegant Bracelet in Peyote stitch following this exciting and colorful instruction kit.This instruction kit will take you through the entire process of crafting this bracelet. If you can hold a needle and thread and pick up a bead, you can make this bracelet!.You will receive an email with a detailed pdf file that contains:Material list for all the supplies you'll need including bead-countsOverall pattern for the braceletExtra-large up-close patterns for elements of the braceletDetailed instructions on how to start the Peyote stitch for your bracelet and get going.Step-by-step instructions on how to shape the increasing and decreasing properties of the Peyote Band and how to finish off the curved edgesClear explanations on how to join the two panels together in the middle and reinforce with accent beadsThree alternative closures for your bracelet for a wear that fits your wrist: seamless, toggle-and-loop closure and overlapping push-button closure, diy

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