Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

costume, Red Moonglow Lucite and Clear Chandelier Crystal Holiday Necklace. Sterling SIlver Clasp with Adjustable Chain at Back.



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This is a big holiday style piece with a huge pendant from an old chandelier. It is molded glass faceted to look like crystal, and measures about 2x 2.5". I hand wrapped thick sterling silver wire to create a secure bail. The necklace is strung on nylon coated steel cable and is very strong.\rThe necklace is adjustable 17-18" and is meant to fit close to the neck. The vintage lucite and cut crystal beads have a sheen that comes from within.\rRed moonglow is vibrant and cheery! These beautiful textured beads came from a broken vintage necklace dating to the 1950s., shine

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