Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

dark, Garnet and Rutilated Quartz Large Holiday Necklace with Sterling Silver and Adjustable Chain Clasp. Multi Strand.



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Huge hand-faceted garnet beads with reds hidden deep within are wrapped onto a sterling silver wire at the front of this multi-strand rutilated quartz necklace. Structured and made with bali silver accent stars between each bead, this piece measures about 3" long. \rLarge ornate bead cones make a smooth transition at the front and back. \rSterling silver and hand cast with floral and vine images, the cones come from Thailand. \rEach side is made of six strands of faceted clear quartz beads, which are naturally shot through with green-black tourmaline rutile. \rYou can twist the sides or leave them to move around. \rTotal length: 18-20"., bold

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