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semiprecious stone, Freshwater Pearl A-AA round potato pearl Orange Bronze pearl--5-6mm Full Strand15" strand #RS2018



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In this deal you'll get:\r\r- 1 whole strand pure pearl 15" \r- about 70+ plus good quality pieces\r- size about 5-6MM FRESHWATER PEARl\r- color is orange with bronze tone ~\r- round potato shape\r- u can see it's really good luster \r- grade is A-AA~\r\r#RS2018\r\r\r\r*****\rActurally, every time when I took the pictures for the potato strands, i really hate to description, because it's hard to tell you how the pearls round through the photo, and how about the blemish. But trust me, since my family do this pearl materia suplly business, i can imediatly tell what's the grade when one strand in my hand. But now, i really feel limited to tell you through the pictures.\r\rok, this batch, the pearls's luster and shape are AAA, but the blemish made them only can be A+ to AA, but for you design or finish jewelry, the blemish can't effect you~~\r\r*****\r\r\rmessage me if you want to combine different colors together or big quantity. we have more than twenty colors are available., round pearl

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