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These cute dog earrings are sure to bring smiles! Choose heart shape or rectangle shape.Lightweight, handmade of light beige polymer clay, dog with a bone design stamped in black ink and accented with brown pastels. MEASUREMENTSHeart earrings are approximately 1 1/4 inch wide.Rectangle earrings are approximately 1 1/8 inch wide.Both are approximately 1 3/4 inch tall including surgical steel ear wires.A customer who ordered a pair of dog earrings left this review: "These are just absolutely adorable!!!!!!"CUSTOM ORDERS welcome for other colors (any light color) and for matching pendant or pin ($10 each plus shipping). See last photo for samples.\u2605 \u2605 \u2605 \u2605 \u2605 \u2605 \u2605 \u2605 \u2605add a bit of whimsy to your life!artsyclay.\u2605 \u2605 \u2605 \u2605 \u2605 \u2605 \u2605 \u2605 \u2605\u00a9 Artsy Clay 2020\u2665 Handcrafted with love and care by Judy. \u2665, pets

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