Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sunburst filled swarovski stone waterfallswingers, Dare or get sexy under a sheer best at fantasy festswingers,FESTS worldwide swingers,swingers,Definitions COPYRIGHTED



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These are original stick on Breast Tattoos original copyrighted by Definitions worldwideThese are also sold by better boutiques and Halloween Carnival stores worldwideWe use Swarovski Stones and better European beads .We are aware of cheap imitations and our models copyrighted pictures are being used by others and action is being contemplatedOriginals since 1992all models used in our products are 18 years or olderwe thank our customers for making it the #1 product worldwide in crystal tattoosall mailings packages are discreetly packaged in brown kraft scotch envelopes and shipped by DEFINITIONSEnd to end about 3 inches Hole approx 3/4 inchBewareOur paid models pictures with our expensive Swarovski elements and European beads are being shown by some unscrupulous sellers on etsy ,they ship plastic crap showing our pictures of high quality items,Every smart eye knows what original isWe spend thousands of $ on models pictures presentationBut copiers are hunting to cheat ,Deception and greed for buyers beware, pasties

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