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Vintage wooden spools chunky statement necklaceHello Beautiful!Thanks for visiting my little spot of sunshine on the internet.I made this necklace by hand in my home studio located in Lancaster Pa, painted an expressive color of orange called "Mango Tango". You can't help but feel cheerful and uplifted in a room painted the color of a creamsicle.I really enjoy making my fun loving designs for you, and pay close attention to all the details and many steps involved in making your purchase special.Here are the nitty gritty details.....This beauty is created with 12 interesting heirloom wooden spools. Each one is unique and quirky.A combination of vintage trims and buttons, and hand dyed - hand spun yarn embellishes the spools. This necklace is 17 inches long, and fits easily over your head. Totally fun to wear!!!Remember that most of my items are created with vintage recycled materials, complete with all the lovely imperfections of objects with a past.For payment I accept Etsy direct check out.please enter my shop here. https://www./shop/ilovemyauntdebbiewww.myauntdebbie.comfacebook - @myauntdebbiepinterest - you like to receive a monthly newsletter from Me, that will crack you up, let you in on my new designs and inspirations, throw you some sweet deals, and basically restore your faith in humanity? Then go ahead and CLICK!!!!, mending

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