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mens jewelry, One of kind Cuttlefish castings sterling on leather cord



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One of kind Cuttlefish castings sterling on leather cordHefty pendant in high relief. One of kind cuttle fish casting (cast within the porous bone of a fish)Solid sterling silver on a soft,strong supple leather cord. It hangs well at 26" cordStamped Oono kindo in back (I thought I was clever when I came up with the name.The unique texture is the fingerprint like design that results from the fish bone when cast.Largest charms measure approx 2"-2.5" and weigh about 28 gSmallest measure 1"-1.5" and weigh about 10-13 gThe medium ones are within the range between large& small charms and weigh approx 14-18 gTO CHOOSE PREFERENCE, using third photo of pendants lined up neatly. Click on options to right of descriptions of this listing.Top row being largest pendants, Center row is mid size pendants ( numbered left to right 1 through 5)Bottom row is smallest size, ethnic pendant

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