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I love the forest. The quiet. The discovery. The mysterious things it can hold just under a fallen leaf. I remember white birch with its curling bark,with tan undersides and soft dusty white bark. The black line impressions randomly encircling the tree seemed like a code printed on a page. \rThis bracelet is a reflection on white birch. This sterling silver cuff is 7" around with an opening that makes it easy to fit most wrists. The width of the bracelet is 3/4". The bracelets color is softened with oxidization,so instead of a high shine it is more of a matte finish grey. The interior is nearly black with gently polished edges. It is meant to be worn with the curls atop the wrist, however I think it looks great no matter which way it swirls around the arm.\r\rDomestic shipping is USPS first class, delivery confirmation & insured, fairy

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