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Blackbohemian jewelry, Blue and Cream Psychedelic Polymer Clay Earrings



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These artsy earrings are 2 clusters of 8 slices from a polymer clay jelly roll technique. Cooked/cured on a domed surface, they have a lovely curve to their drop. They have been sealed with Renaissance Wax to accent the clays natural beauty. Unlike ceramic clay that is rigid and will break when dropped, polymer clay is bendable and gives way for a more durable lifespan. Good weight, not to heavy and not to light. They hang on stainless steel ear wires and are hypoallergenic. Props: I must send a shout out to Jessama Tutorials for her awesome video that influenced the beginning stage of these earrings.*Please note that none of my pieces are perfect. Everything I make is unique and straight from my hands. My clay work will have fingerprints and small dents showing its authenticity., geometric earrings

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