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rabbit and the moon, Crazy Lace Agate Hare - Rabbit - Bunny Pendant Necklace



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Crazy lace agate is also called the \u201chappiness\u201d stone. This particular specimen makes me happy because I see a little grey bunny profile tucked in at the bottom of the stone. I also love the coral and creamy colors that compliment the grey accents.As the days grew shorter (and colder) this fall, I was inspired by a big snowshoe hare that I saw on one of the last a mountain bike rides of the season with a friend. The pendant has been fabricated, all by hand, from a sketch I drew.This pendant comes on an 18" long, 1mm Sterling silver ball chain. The back plate is hand-sawn from 20g Sterling silver sheet with a hand-stamped hidden bail that can accommodate a thicker chain, small beads, or leather cord. The overlaying ear is also 20g Sterling silver. All of the details have been freehand hand-stamped. The tail is a ball of "upcycled" Sterling silver that I melted from scraps. The pendant measures appx 1.25 inches tall by 1 5/8 inches wide.Crazy lace agate is also associated with promoting mental agility, liveliness, and flexibility in thinking and actions. It is a support and encouragement stone, not a protection stone. It is believed to promote optimism. The random circular patterns create a flow of energy thought to stimulate the mind and attitude.** This item's price includes FREE USPS Priority Shipping **(An $8.30 value. Domestic orders only.), easter

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