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coin cufflinks, Da Vinci Cufflinks- Give the Gift of a Genius- Vitruvian Man Mint Coins



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A perfect and unique gift showing the genius of Da Vinci. Both sides features the Vitruvian Man the famous drawing by the Italian Leonardo da Vinci. These are made using the Italian 1 Euro coins. We use rare mint coins when making these cufflinks, so the definition is perfect. Click on the photograph for a closer look of the quality of the cufflinks. They come in a gift presentation box.12 millimeters high4 millimeters wideLeonardo Da Vinci-Mint Italian coins - A perfect gift of a geniusThere Italian coins are very rare to get in mint condition- - Mint means brand new from bank rollImages shows Da Vincis Vitruvian Man100% Satisfaction guaranteeGift Cufflink box with all cufflinks - Free Amazon delivery, birthday gifts

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