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Wide Hammered and Stamped Copper Cuff - Wild Thing Copper Bracelet - 6 1/4" x 3/4" - Suitable for Mencopper bracelet, Womencopper bracelet, Suitable for Your Wild Thing



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"WILD THING" copper cuff bracelet. The base is made from 20 gauge copper, which has been hammered. The words "WILD THING" are stamped onto a 24 gauge strip of copper which has then been riveted to the base. The entire piece has been polished to a nice shine. Suitable for both men and women. Suitable for your Wild Thing!The length is 6 1/4 inches with a 1 1/4 inch gap. There is some flexibility so you can adjust the size a bit.This copper is not oxidized or treated with any wax. To keep it penny shiny, store it in a zip lock bag. Or leave it out for awhile so it turns a nice chocolate golden color, and just polish it up a bit with a polishing cloth., copper bracelet

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