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A fossil ammonite, a mix of metals, and watch elements play off one another in this unusual wire wrapped pendant.The chocolate brown ammonite is framed in mellow jeweler's brass and twisted antiqued copper wire. Vintage watch gears rescued from broken watches add a subtle contrast of texture and detail in this steampunk ammonite fossil. A fossil specimen with tiny crystals in its open chambers mixed with warm metals and past tech's a tiny cabinet of curiosities in one pendant.Ammonite species bobbed in the seas for 300 million years before going extinct around 65 million years ago. So this fossil is at least as old as the dinosaurs!The fossil pendant is just over 2 long by 1 1/2" at its widest. The ammonite hangs from an 18" antiqued copper chain with a toggle clasp.Comes in a gift box, let me know if you'd like it wrapped to be ready for giving. (Metallic blue or metallic gold paper, ivory or burgundy ribbon.)Shop home: https://www./shop/*I call this the Arronax Pendant, from the Jules Verne character Professor Pierre Aronnax who was a 'guest' on the Nautilus. This seemed the sort of steampunk jewelry suitable both for a day in jeans or a more formal dinner with Captain Nemo., steampunk pendant

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