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stamped bracelet, Hand Stamped Copper Cuff - Southwest Style Mountain Scene - Wide Copper Cuff Bracelet - Suitable for Men and Women



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Wide copper cuff bracelet hand stamped with a mountain and southwest style decoration. A longer mountain range in the front, smaller mountain towards the sides. Bordered with southwestern motifs. This cuff is cut from 20 gauge copper sheet. The edges have been filed and polished so they are smooth to the touch. The stamps have been filled in with black stamping enamel. Suitable for both men and women.The bracelet is 6 inches long, plus a 1 1/4 inch gap. There is a little bit of flexibility to it so you can adjust slightly, to your size. This bracelet is not oxidized, nor is it treated with a wax. Because copper oxidizes quickly, to keep it a bright copper color store it in a plastic zip lock. Or if you like a more chocolate colored copper, leave the bracelet out so it oxidizes naturally, and just buff it occasionally with a polishing cloth., copper bracelet

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