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metal crown, 25% DISCOUNT! Elvish enamelled brass circlet “Water Flowers”; Medieval Crown; Elvish Crown; renaissance diadem



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You may pay by \u0421REDIT CARD without being a PayPal member! Press \u201cPay with Paypal\u201d, then \u201cPay with Debit or Credit Card\u201d at the bottom of the form. measure your head circumference before ordering to check if this size fits you.Manufacturing and shipping from Ukraine takes about 6-8 weeks. Materials:- 1.5mm brass;- Rivets;- Enamel.Measurements:- Length: 55cm (21 \u00b2\u00b9/\u2083\u2082'');- Width at widest point: 4cm (1 \u00b3\u2077/\u2086\u2084'').Features:- One size fits most;- Enamelled flowers;- Countersunk rivets;- Shiny brass.Please contact us if you have any additional questions.\u201cWater Flowers\u201d Enamelled CircletElvish brass circletThis circlet is an addition to our beautiful \u201cWater Flowers\u201d collection of dresses and accessories. Everything in this new line has a graceful, elven inspiration behind it, as well as motifs of Art Nouveau water flower designs. The dresses are made from lush, soft cotton and silks, and come with a variety of brass and enamel accessories which not only compliment the dresses but look amazing as standalone pieces as well.This circlet is fit for an elven queen, made from high-quality brass which wraps around your head in ethereal elvish knotwork. It will complement the outfit of any noble, bride or princess, and is perfect for weddings, costumes and LARP events. This is an ArmStreet exclusive design, meaning all of the twists, flowers and leaves have been created by our resident artist after lots of research and inspiration from both fantastical and historical sources. These designs echo the patterns that you\u2019ll find on other accessories in the collection, as well as the dresses.This circlet is just full of fine details - no expense has been spared in making sure it\u2019s perfect. It has been laser cut to shape and hand-finished to make sure it is shiny and smooth. Our jeweller is an absolute expert when it comes to enamel, so all of the colours you see have been mixed by him and painstakingly applied to the circlet by hand. Tiny countersunk brass rivets are used to hold the piece together at structural points.Our \u201cWater Flowers\u201d Enamelled Circlet is a \u201cone size fits most\u201d item and does not close at the back. Instead, it perches gracefully on your head and is possible to gently adjust to fit almost any head size or hairstyle. If you\u2019re looking for something a little less showy, we recommend viewing our \u201cWater Flowers\u201d minimalistic circlet as well.Collection: https://www./shop/armstreet?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=108917723&search_query=water+flowers, larp crown

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