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Medium Gold and Black Glam Widow Spider Earrings :-D. These completely POP against dark hair.\ud83d\ude03Handcrafted with posable legs. I L O V E these earrings and get HEAP of compliments on them whenever I wear them around town...even from my kids classmates. ;-) Be careful though, these bring out the jokers telling you that there is a spider on your neck. ;-)DIMENSIONS:Chain length:~ 1"Spider width: ~1" - posable so can be more narrow or wider depending on you. ;-)Total Drop length from base of ear wire: 2.75"Each is hand made and lots of chain vary but all will be delicate. :-) All earrings come with a stopper to prevent them from going on a walk. ;-)Please convo if interested in different colors as I have S O M A N Y beads! ;-) And I love giving these life. ;-)More pictures coming soon. ;-), halloween wedding

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